Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In with the NEW!

This chart shows the new color family structure. It doesn't show the new "in colors" that will be in the next catalog, you won't see those for a while. But this is what the main color families will look like for the next several years.

Out with the Old!

Stampin' Up! announced today that a large list of colors in our current catalog will be retiring at the end of June! They will also be bringing back some of our old favorite "in colors" and adding some new "in colors" that will stick around for two years instead of one. I am super excited about this change because I am loving the new colors, the colors coming back, and space that will be freed up to add more embellishments and ribbons in the future!

Here's the list of retiring colors:

This means that after June 30, 2010 these colors will no longer be available so if there is any of these that you must have you need to start ordering now.